Main Dining Room Overlooking Missouri River Canyon

Enjoy a Sport-Bar Style dining area and a great view of the Missouri River Canyon. 




We offer a 60" HDTV, a 5 Foot DLPTV, a 22" Wall-Mount TV, and a 40" Wall-Mount TV all with DirecTV and 2 Sound Systems (a PanaSonic Surround Sound and a Bose Series One System designed for rock bands) for Dining until 9pm.




Our kitchen is equipped with state of the art GE top of the line appliances. Trudy has been a kitchen manager for public schools where she prepared food from scratch.

She specializes in Home Cooking and Comfort Food.

We have 2 Green Houses where we grow Fresh Tomatoes and Peppers each year.


We are located in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of the Missouri River Canyon--see circled area--that's us! You could be enjoying the clean mountain air, fresh, clean water and Montana hospitality... 


Wildlife is No Stranger to Us

Deer and other wildlife regularly walk through our property and they tend to be quite curious.


The Ranch at the Dearborn


Located overlooking the Missouri River Canyon, The Ranch at the Dearborn gives you enough solitude to relax, see the mountain views, sight-see, or fish in a premier trout-laden section of the Missouri River.


Wading or Floating

You could catch a fish in this water, couldn't you?


I'll bet you could ... This particular fish was caught long ago near Polebridge up near Glacier by my dad. We miss you, dad. 


Maybe there is Gold at the End of the Rainbow ... We have seen every indication.


Guests from Around the World

We have entertained guests from every continent except The Arctic and The Antarctic.