The Ranch at the Dearborn (located in the white circle) is located right above the Missouri River in the Missouri River Canyon.

The cities of Helena and Great Falls are about the same distance - either north or south on I-15. Both offer the amenities of air transportation, shopping, banking, medical facilities,etc. The closest shopping, churches, and other services can be found in the town of Cascade approximately 19 miles north off of I-15. The small fishing village of Craig is south of us 9 miles. Wolf Creek is 7 miles south of Craig and has a gas station and convenience store, restaurants, and a post office.


Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing


This stretch of the Missouri River supports an incredible 4,000 pounds of fish per mile!


Gary Cooper Club House and Cabins in Background

We are located on The Gary Cooper Ranch. Yes, Gary Cooper the actor. His parents lived here and their home, Gary Cooper's Club House and Guest Houses still stand. Gary Cooper entertained such celebrities as John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway on his ranch here.


Welcome Home

You are in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, wildlife all around ... and you are home. We share our lifestyle with you during your stay. That is what makes a Bed and Breakfast unique.