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How To Find Us

Montana Map W Direction sWeb Site 15.JPG

We are located in the Rockie Mountains, on Interstate 15 (Exit 240) midway between Great Falls and Helena on Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing on the Missouri River. Please use the maps on this web site as THERE IS NO CELL PHONE COVERAGE ON EITHER SIDE OF US FOR 8 MILES. But, Hey, once you get here, we have a Cell Phone Booster Antenna so you can get Cell Service in our Dining Room! AND with FREE WIFI, you can connect your Smart Phone directly to the Internet.

Cooper Bridge Web Cam Web Site 14.JPG

Look at the weather anytime.

We are pictured at the top of a Department of Transportation

Web Cam that updates every few seconds. It is located on the

Gary Cooper Bridge and you can see the river running beneath the bridge.

Gary Cooper Bridge Web Cam

Aerial to Find Us Web Site 16.JPG

When you leave Interstate 15, go north on the road highlighted in yellow

for .5 miles where you will see a turn to the right that goes up the hill.

Go up the hill 1.7 miles and you will see 206 on the corner fencepost and The Ranch at the Dearborn Sign on the gate...

you have found us!

We are Right in the Middle of the Best Fishing in Montana

Missouri River Map with TRATD Location.jpg

We are located nearly half-way between Holter Dam and Cascade.